Q. Hanging Your Bird Feeder

We suggest to hang your thistle feeders in a quiet place where they are easy to see and convenient to refill. It is suggested to hang feeders no closer than three feet to glass or windows to reduce window collisions. A suggested location would be near natural shelters such as shrubs and trees, but not close enough that squirrels can jump from a branch to your feeder.

Q. Do Birds Perch on Sock

Birds will cling directly onto the soft, yet durable mesh sock, which enables multiple birds to feed at the same time. Our durable mesh allows thistle eating birds to easily feed on the seed, while discouraging non thistle birds from stealing and wasting seed. Our mesh thistle sock feeders are easy to refill and hang. Many customers hang several thistle socks in their yard, which will encourage beautiful, colorful flocks of birds to your backyard garden.

Q. How Do Birds Perch on Sock?

FInches will cling right onto the soft but durable screen mesh, which allows you to feed multiple birds at one time.

Q. Will Seed Spill Out?

No! Holes have been tested to minimize seed spill. Sure, a few seeds may fall but hardly any.

Q. How Soon Will Socks Attract Birds?

You never know. Sometimes you will attract birds within minutes. Sometimes it may take days. It appears that once you attract a few birds, they tell their friends.

Q. Will Thistle Mold and Sink Like in Tube Feeders?

Not usually, due to air being circulated through the mesh.

Q. Will Feeders Blow in the Wind?

In high winds, the thistle sock will move around, however, just make sure you secure the sock using the attached cords.

Q. How do You Fill the Tube?

There are many different ways to fill the sock. The easiest and cheapest dispenser would be to use an empty water or milk jug.